Using my designs (The small print)

As long as you are a member of this program "The Creative Artpreneur" and actively paying the monthly fee, or have purchased 12 month plan, you are allowed to use all of my content as needed. This includes:

Painting designs for in person and online parties

Art Kits. You may use my designs for art kits, however if you plan on creating a video, you must use your own video, not my video links, as a teaching aid.

All Facebook and instagram content made and shared with you in canva

If you cancel your membership, you will not be allowed to use any of my past, current or future designs for your parties or personal use. The monthly fee keeps you in an active contract giving you the rights to the designs.

If you have any questions, please reach out. :)

More in depth info on the above:

  • As long as you are an ACTIVE paying member of "The Creative Artpreneur" membership, paying your monthly dues, you have full permission to use my designs at in person paint parties or for art kits as stated below:
  • In person art parties
    • On location parties where you are physically teaching a group of people how to create the painting
  • In person small group or 1:1 art classes
    • on location classes or group classes using my designs
  • Art kits
    • Physical boxes that are either shipped or picked up locally containing my marketing materials, step by step instruction sheets, supply lists, reference photo and tracers. (you have the option to add all of the paint colors, canvas etc... as seen in the course instruction) NOTE: The ART KIT SECTION comes to you in Month 2 of your membership. If you already know how to put together Art kits, you do not need to wait until this section is released to use the materials for your kits.
    • For art kits, you must only use the written instruction sheets I have provided you for your kits. If you desire to sell a kit that includes a video, you must create your own design, record your own video etc. as taught in the course. NOTE: This section is released in Month 2
  • You may not use my designs to teach online recorded classes online unless otherwise specified.
  • You may not use MY video links as your own. You may not provide non members links to my video content.
    • There will be designs that I give permission to do this, but if you see my design as an online class in my art school, you may NOT use it for your own online recorded classes unless a specific agreement is made with me. (Virginia Crowe). I am open to selling the designs for your personal use in this fashion for $500 per design. You will then gain full rights to use the design and all marketing materials, keeping in mind that I will also continue the use of the design for the purpose of my own online courses as well as this membership. If you are reported to be using my designs in this way, you will be billed $250 per design.
    • If you want me to create designs for you exclusively that I do not use, I can be commissioned at a rate of $1000 which includes all of the marketing materials similar to what is included in the course, as well as full EXCLUSIVE rights to the design for online, classes, in person classes and art kits. I will only use the design as an example photo of what I can create for other artists. I have the rights to sell the original piece of art and or prints of the artwork.
  • Selling your paintings/ art learned in this class
    • I DO NOT have an issue of you selling your own artwork produced in this class. If you want to sell your original art, or create any of the other items I teach in this course, with your art image, I will happily grant you access. The only thing I ask is that you Tag me as your inspiration, or that you painted the specific work in my class. Otherwise, I hope you sell it and make a lot of money doing so. :-)
    • NOTE: this course is designed so everyone experiences it the same way. Each month new designs and ideas are provided. If you join 6 months after the course is rolled out, you will still start on month 1. This is designed so that you are not overwhelmed with too much information at one time.
    • If you would like all of the course content at one time, you can make arrangements with me privately.

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