List of Tutorials.

List of Creative Synergy Tutorials

1.     Alcohol Ink Ornaments

a.     Sprayed Ornaments with Virginia Crowe

b.     Ombre Ornaments with Virginia Crowe

c.     Plastic Wrap Ornaments with Kimberly Deene

d.     Ink Blown Ornaments with Kimberly Deene

2.     Resin Ocean Pouring with Virginia Crowe

3.     Creating Art Boxes with Virginia Crowe

4.     Aftosa Boxes with Inlaid Tiles with Kimberly Deene

5.     Alcohol ink Wispy Abstracts with Kimberly Deene

6.     Wispy Faded Alcohol Ink Abstracts with Kimberly Deene

7.     Acrylic Pouring Techniques.  Videos from Virginia and Kimberly 

a.     Dip Technique

b.     Ring Technique           

c.     Dirty Pour

8.     Coneflower in Alcohol Ink with Kimberly Deene

9.     Silhouettes over Alcohol ink Flowers with Virginia Crowe

10.  Sunflower in Alcohol Ink with Virginia

11.  Collage Sunflower in Mixed Media with Virginia

12.  Alcohol Ink Rose turns into a Poppy with Kimberly Deene

13.  3d Butterflies in Alcohol ink with Virginia Crowe (3 tutorials with different techniques)

14.  Rocky Seashore in Alcohol ink with Virginia Crowe

15.  Enchanted Forest in Alcohol ink with Kimberly Deene

16.  Ocean Waves in Alcohol ink with Kimberly Deene

17.  Lighthouses in Alcohol Ink with Virginia Crowe

18.  Lily Pond in Alcohol Ink with Virginia Crowe

19.  Alcohol Ink Vases (2 tutorials) with Kimberly Deene

20.  Palette Knife Painting and Acrylic Paint (Lily Pond) with Virginia Crowe 

21.  Drippy Alcohol Ink Paintings with Virginia Crowe

22.  Drippy Alcohol Ink with Doodles with Virginia Crowe

23.  Alcohol Ink Drip Paintings (3 tutorials) with Kimberly Deene

24.  Alcohol Ink Loose Floral Paintings (2 Tutorials) with Kimberly Deene

25.  Alcohol Ink and Resin Pendants with Guest Kathy Chapman

26.  Acrylic Pour Jewelry with Virginia Crowe

27.  Alcohol Ink Pendants with Kimberly Deene

28.  Alcohol Ink Painted Iris with Virginia Crowe 

29.  Acrylic Iris Painting One Stroke Technique with Virginia Crowe

30.  Abstract Iris in Alcohol Ink with Kimberly Deene

31.  Abstract Iris in Alcohol Ink on Black Cardstock with Kimberly Deene

32.  Alcohol Ink Poppies with Virginia Crowe

33.  Encaustic Wax Poppies with Kimberly Deene

34.  Encaustic Wax Abstract Iris with Kimberly Deene

35.  No Brush Alcohol Ink Mountains with Virginia Crowe

36.  No Brush Drip Landscapes with Virginia Crowe

37.  Encaustic Landscape with Kimberly Deene

38.  Mountain Scene in Alcohol Ink with Kimberly Deene

39.  Textures in Mixed Media Series (Several videos) with Virginia Crowe

40.  Alcohol Ink on Galvanized Metal with Virginia Crowe

41.  Raccoon and Pumpkin in Alcohol Ink with Virginia Crowe

42.  Alcohol Ink Painted Silk Scarves (2 Tutorials) with Kimberly Deene

43.  Alcohol Ink Painted Bottles and Mini Lights with Kimberly Deene

44.  Winter Trees in Alcohol Ink on Black Cardstock with Kimberly Deene

45.  Holiday Owl Painting in Alcohol Ink with Virginia Crowe

46.  Happy Snowman in Alcohol Ink with Virginia Crowe

47.  Masking and Alcohol Ink Birch Trees with Virginia Crowe

48.  Masking and Watercolor Birch Trees with Virginia Crowe

49.  Masking experiments with mixed media with Virginia Crowe

50.  Masking abstract doodles with Kimberly Deene

51.  Masking abstract florals with Kimberly Deene

52.  Fish in Alcohol Ink with Kimberly Deene

53.  Alcohol Ink Bunny with Kimberly Deene

54.  Watercolor Bunnies (Loose) with Virginia Crowe

55.  Abstract Color Animal Project with color value lessons (Several videos) with Virginia Crowe

56.  Multicolored Fish with Shimmer on Black Cardstock with Kimberly Deene

57.  Colorful Pet Portrait with Kimberly Deene

58.  Loose Wispy Florals using Camera Lens Cleaner with Kimberly Deene

59.  Collage Floral Project with Kimberly Deene

60.  Collage Card Project with Virginia Crowe

61.  Simple watercolor floral projects with Virginia Crowe

62.  Wispy Florals using Hair Dryer with Kimberly Deene

63.  Wispy florals using Dagger Brush for Leaves with Kimberly Deene

64.  Summer Vibes Sunflower Project on Dura-lar with Virginia Crowe

65.  Using Procreate (iPad App) to create a simple flower with Virginia Crowe

Over 10 live tutorials while Virginia and Kimberly Paint together on various projects.

Examples of some of the projects we have done are shown below. All works below were painted or created by Virginia or Kimberly.

Note (The facebook group also has many student works shown which can be an additional value)

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